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Summer in Europe. Need we say more? Lately, our wanderlust has us daydreaming about some of our favorite beaches throughout the European continent. When we narrow down our list to four of our most desirable places to be, we have a few necessities in mind: Nature nearby, wonderful cuisine, sprawling seascapes, and overall a place we know that will make us feel most relaxed and rejuvenated.

Today, as we consider our list of these special places, we highlight which pieces from our collection are the perfect companions to wear while traveling to the wonderful destinations featured. If you’re up for some summer exploration, we invite you to continue reading for an opportunity to travel with us through our lens and experiences.



There is something so eye-catching and fitting when wearing white against a clear, bright blue seascape, which is why we're in the mood for neutral colors such as the Portofino in Stone as a must-bring for a trip to Greece. The asymmetrical plunging neckline mimics the stunning and dramatic landscapes of the Grecian Islands and the color itself is seen as white pebble beaches, coves, cliff sides and dwellings throughout the country.


We begin our journey on the Northwest of Kefalonia, where we find paradise at Myrtos beach. The Ionian Sea is crystal clear with an aquamarine hue that is especially inviting for a swim on a hot summer’s day. The beach is covered in small white pebbles and is located between the base of two remarkable mountains--Agia Dynati and Kalon Oros.

On a warm summer day, Porto Limnionas in Zakynthos is a must-stop. It’s located within a rocky bay that has picturesque caves we can swim through. The crystal blue Sea feels colder than other water as it is fed by underwater springs, making for the most refreshing dip under the Grecian sunshine. A favorite part of this location are the expansive rocks to set up a blanket and picnic on, making for a lovely setting to spend the entire day.

Still on the coast of Zakynthos, Navagio Beach, also known as Shipwreck Beach, is a great place to venture to by boat. However, we recommend getting a view from the top of the cliffside above where you will see the stunning cove formed within white marble cliffs, the rusted shipwreck that sits on its white beach below, and all the hues of electric blue water reaching out into the vast Sea.

Finally, Oia located on the Northwestern tip of Santorini is a favorite village to stay within. With some of the best sunrises and sunsets, scenes of houses dug into the volcanic rock of the Caldera cliffs, and delectable cuisine supported by the local fishing economy, we trust you will be revitalized and inspired after visiting this coastal town.

For a more tranquil or intimate experience, and to avoid crowds, it is a great idea to rent a boat to explore the coast, islands and glorious coves. Doing so becomes an incredible adventure while taking in the stunning sights the country has to offer. If you don't feel comfortable driving a boat, there are many options to have one chartered.


As we venture into the Meditteranean Sea, Ibiza’s pastoral countryside, lush organic gardens and idyllic forests inspire the emerald green Loren in Olive as our swimwear of choice for this island.


Our travels in Ibiza are always restorative as we specifically seek out the tranquil and peaceful settings this beautiful island has to offer.

As we travel the East Side of Ibiza, you will find us at The Amante, perched on a cliff overlooking the spectacular cove of the Sol D'en Serra Bay. The location blends into the rural landscape and surrounding natural beauty, which makes this destination an incredible place to practice yoga.

The environmental connection goes even deeper as The Amante supports an organic garden and incorporates the harvest of fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables into all cuisine served on site. Here, we enjoy wonderful meals with a sea breeze and view. At night, music plays softly and the Spanish moonlight reflects on the Sea while the surrounding cliff sides also become illuminated.

Venturing further inland is a tranquil and awe-inspiring farmstead oasis. La Granja, in its bucolic Ibizan setting, offers relaxation amongst rural simplicity. Whether poolside or venturing into the fields, La Granja uses its farmland and estate to maintain their family’s overall goal: “to foster an environment of organic togetherness.” From the sunset rituals, yoga classes, meditation workshops and working the landscape, this farmstead is able to re-instill a connection to nature like no other. We can still taste the flavors of juicy figs, or the fresh harvest of tomatoes as we enjoyed many meals on the farm’s terrace.  


Did you know that Portugal is considered the epicenter of sustainability for the wine industry? As our travels through Portugal involve tasting some delicious reds, today we are thinking that the Palermo in Merlot is an especially fitting swimsuit for travels throughout this country.


A favorite retreat of ours is located within the remote Douro wine region of Northern Portugal. Hotel Monverde is a wine experience hotel that has so much to offer. Picture gently rolling hills, going on for seemingly forever, that are lined with grapevines contributing to the state-of-the-art winery it houses. Even the vinotherapy spa on-site utilizes the crop as they combine grape seeds, skin and stems in holistic skincare treatments that leave our skin with a radiant summertime glow.

As we venture to Lagoa, in the Algarve region of Portugal, you will find us swimming at Praia do Carvalho. The only way to access this beach is by a tunnel formed within a rock. The tunnel has many fossils within its walls. As we step out of the tunnel, it’s as if we've entered into a secret landscape. While the beach is small, it is covered in fine golden sand and surrounded by steep, sheer cliffsides. The water is crystal clear and the vibe of place is simply magical. You may also recognize this beach as it's where we shot our very first campaign.

Finally, also within Algarve is a favorite agritourism hotel, Companhia Culturas that has been in the same family for seven generations.  The set away landscape is covered in trees from pines, oaks, corks, apricots, olives and figs. You will find chickens roaming the land from the coop. There is also a large organic vegetable garden on-site that has our mouth watering as we think about the incredible Southern Portuguese meals put together using its produce. The saltwater swimming pool here is especially refreshing after doing yoga in the corkbox room or partaking in a harvest of fruit, greens or herbs. Furthermore, the stunning exteriors offer further inspiration mimicking the simplicity and beauty of place.


Italy has a special place in our hearts. When we think of destinations throughout the country where we’ve spent amazing summer days, we are in the mood to bring along the Capri in Olive is the choice bathing suit for these adventures.


Let’s start our adventure on the island where the name of this swimsuit was inspired from: Capri. A favorite spot in Capri is Marina Piccola, a small and beautiful bay with an outstanding view of the Faraglioni. The bay is seemingly always warm as a giant wall of rock shelters the location from wind. The Faraglioni in the distance are three incredible oceanic rock formations, eroded from waves, and rising straight from the sea.

Back on the mainland, we venture to the Amalfi Coast where we travel down a set of stairs descending along a gorge to a favorite spot along the river. Fiordo di Furore is an inlet that has created a valley and that opens out to the sea. The beach is covered in tiny pebbles and is a wonderful spot to take a dip from. If you feel like exploring further, there are trails to venture into an old fishing village or others that will lead you to incredible views overlooking the sea.

Finally, we visit Scopello, located in Sicily. The quaintness of the cobblestone streets lined with restaurants and gelaterias open up into the sheltered bay with sparkling crystal waters, rock formations, and caves in the distance, extra inviting for a swim. Oftentimes, boats are seen anchored in the bay, as the occupants swim to shore to join in the area’s fun.

While there is so much more Italy has to offer, we invite you to stay tuned for upcoming journal posts that will dive into just why this country has such a big piece of our hearts.

Do you have favorite travel destinations for summer in Europe? If so, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.
Imagery by Léa the Label 

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