The Magic of Vitamin Sea (and 3 Other Skin Hydration Tips)

In many parts of the world, seasons can wreak havoc on our skin, often causing extremely dehydrated or flakey skin that doesn't feel so beach-ready. Today, we are offering a few tips to help your skin feel ultra-hydrated and glowing with absolute radiance. Read on for our hydration tips...

1. While salt may be synonymous with dry skin, have you ever noticed how soft your skin feels after a dip in the ocean? That is because of the amazing nutrients and minerals that ocean water contains. From calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, sodium, zinc, sulfur, and a long list of other naturally occurring minerals, when you swim through ocean water, it helps clean pores, balance skin's oil and sebum production, and increases the overall hydration on the outer layer of the epidermis. So go on, grab your Léa swim and take a beneficial plunge next time you're seaside. 

2. While this tip may seem obvious, we all need the reminder to drink more water. Experts say that drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will help rid the body and skin of toxins. By hydrating your body, your skin in turn will also feel more hydrated and appear less dull.  Personally, our team loves starting the day with lemon water to increase hydration, or you may often find us with coconut water throughout the day for the electrolyte benefits it brings. Hello radiance!

3. Exfoliation is key to rid the skin of dead cells in order to further increase its ability to absorb hydrating moisturizers or oils. While there are many exfoliating and nourishing masks on the market, we want to share with you a great DIY mask to do at home. It's filled with nutrients and enzymes that will help your skin glow and set the tone for your skin to feel ultra-hydrated.

You will need:

5mL warm distilled water
.025 oz Fine Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
.05 oz Raw Honey
.4 oz of Sea Clay

1. Whisk the water and sea salt together until the salt has dissolved.
2. Next, add in your raw honey. 
3. Lastly add the clay until it is all combined. 
4. Once it is all blended nicely together, spread this pure mask on your face. (Be sure to avoid your eyes, nostrils and mouth.)
5. Let the mask dry for at least 20 minutes. (Longer if you desire.) Meditate. Listen to music. Absorb your surroundings.
6. Once you are ready to wash this off, use lukewarm water as you rinse the mask in a circular motion. This will increase the cleansing benefits and exfoliation.
7. Finish with your favorite moisturizer, serum or facial oil.
8. Voila! Your skin is baby soft with a glowing hydration!


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