Villa Sur Mer: A Mediterranean Getaway


While traveling, do you ever notice every detail of the architecture of the place you may be staying within? The setting seems brilliant, the windows are positioned perfectly and the patio design is calm and tranquil.

Today, we invite you to rest, recharge and rejuvenate as we showcase some of the minimalistic contemporary interiors and exteriors from a recent sunset villa getaway on the Mediterranean.  It becomes evident how the design of the villa purposefully accentuates the surrounding natural beauty. Read on as we take you on an architectural journey by the Sea.  


The infinity pool offers a feeling of swimming on the edge of a Meditteranean paradise. The dramatic sandstone cliffs are seen in the distance and we swim completely immersed in the horizon. The pastels of the sky are reflected on the surface of the pool as well as the Sea, blurring the lines of the man-made and the natural. 

The outdoor shower is an open-air, see breeze oasis.


Large, abundant windows let in the sunlight and allow us to further experience the warm interiors while the natural views outside are always seen from within.


The modern architecture blends into the natural setting which provides a quiet location, completely free from disturbances, where the sound of waves crashing can be slightly amplified from the exteriors of the villa.


The interior of the villa is also filled with simple geometric forms, natural light and clean linear elements. These characteristics combined with choice building materials of reinforced concrete, steel and glass, as well as minimal decor, highlight the simplicity of the design.

Without extra ornamentation, the structure of the villa speaks for itself while naturally integrating into the surrounding landscape. 

For more interior and exterior design inspiration, stay tuned for future journal posts as we continue to showcase some of our favorite design influences. Let us know, are there certain types of architecture that you love? If so, we'd love to hear in the comments below.

Imagery by Léa the Label
Location: Zita Fidar, Lebanon
Featured swimsuit: Loren in Olive


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