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Léa Soap Bars: An Exclusive Wellness Gift to Celebrate YOU This Holiday

The end of the year allows us to reflect and this year, we are especially grateful to everyone who has helped support the growth of our line. As we thought of the best way to celebrate our community of support this holiday season, we decided a gift of wellness and clean beauty would perfectly accompany any order mailing out this time of year. From now until supplies last, every order will contain a luxurious set of handcrafted, artisanal and limited edition Léa Soap bars. What makes Léa Soap bars so special?Our timeless designs are catered for the environmentally conscious woman who seeks chic, sophisticated style. When developing Léa Soap bars, we worked closely with artisans that could capture the roots...

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Spotlight: Our Favorite Greek Island

Recently, we ventured to the southernmost island of Greece's Cyclades in the Aegean Sea where we soaked in the exotic and laid-back vibe of our favorite Grecian destination: Milos. Although Milos is best known for the famous moonscape Sarakiniko, today we want to share with you what makes this island so special and how it creates the most perfect island getaway. With its amazing landscapes and incredible beaches, read on to fall in love with the volcanic island we consider Greece's paradise. First, where to stay?   Built on a hill above the Sea, Milos Cove offers stunning panoramic views of the Aegean. The hotel is located off road, making it more of an exclusive getaway. The luxurious complex is located...

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