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Spotlight on Mallorca

Mallorca, one of the Balearic Islands, is a treasured destination located off the east coast of Spain. Combining modern delights with traditional charm, the stunning landscape of mountains and hidden coves situated on golden beaches, which overlook the turquoise blue seascape, has become a favorite destination. We invite you to explore the island through our lens on specific locations we’re choosing to spotlight. Beginning in the Capital, Palma de Mallorca’s ancient streets are filled with character. The food scene here is exciting with flavors inspired by generations past, but also culminates the new culinary tastes of the Mediterranean. A secret spot that continues to call us back happens to be a favorite amongst locals: La Sang. La Sang is an...

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Spotlight: Our Favorite Greek Island

Recently, we ventured to the southernmost island of Greece's Cyclades in the Aegean Sea where we soaked in the exotic and laid-back vibe of our favorite Grecian destination: Milos. Although Milos is best known for the famous moonscape Sarakiniko, today we want to share with you what makes this island so special and how it creates the most perfect island getaway. With its amazing landscapes and incredible beaches, read on to fall in love with the volcanic island we consider Greece's paradise. First, where to stay?   Built on a hill above the Sea, Milos Cove offers stunning panoramic views of the Aegean. The hotel is located off road, making it more of an exclusive getaway. The luxurious complex is located...

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