"Léa the Label Exudes an ethereal sense of understated elegance by offering timeless collections designed with intention".

Founded by Léa Daaboul with a deep-rooted connection to the wonders of the ocean, influenced by the holistic beach culture of wellbeing and wide visions of sustainability, it was surrounded by the harmonious energy of the sea where Léa the Label was born. Travel, nature, architecture and interiors helped fuse our passions of wellness and design to create minimalistic chic swimwear designed in harmony with the planet.
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We value meticulous craftsmanship and provide a diverse range of silhouettes designed to mix and match, while maintaining a balance of comfort, quality and style. While admittedly it is challenging to be 100% sustainable, we strive to do better every day by making considerate choices about the materials we use within our line as well as the timeless designs we intentionally create.

We also believe that supporting independent and local businesses encourages the larger goals of sustainability and we choose to work with partners, factories and ateliers that provide workers with opportunities and incredible benefits. We are aware that there is always room for improvement, and we are committed to continue learning and evolving.

We create Léa the Label premium swimwear with the highest luxe Eco-friendly Italian fabrics in collaboration with ECONYL®. Our swims are resistant to chlorine and sun-tan oils. They are UV protective and feel ultra smooth—ensuring the best-fit and long lasting wear. Additionally, to reduce our carbon footprint, we make the conscious effort to use GOTS certified organic or natural fabrics and plant based dyes for our ready to wear resort collections to ensure longevity and support a regenerative agricultural practice that depends far less on irrigation processes for growth.



Post and pre-consumer waste such as discarded fishing nets, fluff, industrial plastic waste and yarn discards are collected through the ECONYL® Reclaiming Program, the Healthy Seas and Net-Works TM initiatives.


The collected waste is sent to the waste treatment center in Ajdovscina, Slovenia to be cleaned and then transferred to Ljubljana, Slovenia where it is 100% regenerated back to pure origin.


The nylon’s raw material is processed into ECONYL® yarns that can be generated endless times, preserving the same quality. The ECONYL® yarns are then shipped to Italy to create the highest quality sustainable techno fabrics to meet our consumer standards.


The 100% Italian made fabrics are then manufactured responsibly in Bali into our Léa the Label timeless ``designs.

We believe in sustainability and protecting our planet. Léa the Label is partners with CleanHub a revolutionary organization dedicated to the safe collection and recovery of plastic waste and preventing it from entering our precious oceans. Through this partnership, we are proudly committed to collect 1lb of plastic waste through EcoBali Recycle for every Léa the Label product sold. 1lb is equivalent to almost 50 plastic bottles. Every financial contribution helps to expand the model across Bali and creates stable and dignified jobs for local communities in coastal regions. Learn more.

We are aware of the implications of fast-fashion and the clothes that go out of style and heavily rely on natural resources and petrochemicals in production, end up in a landfill and contribute to mass amounts of waste. The rise of fast fashion, due to shopper’s preferences for quantity over quality, has led to a heavy burden on the Earth and developing countries. 

We believe that the inconvenient reality to solve the fast fashion crisis is to spread awareness, avoid mass production and buy timeless styles that are designed to last, and we are committed to creating them.

We package all our swimwear directly from our factory in a compostable material made from cassava starch and other renewable materialsInstead of depending on petrochemicals for production, these biodegradable bags will support regenerative agriculture. Once received, we encourage you to add the bag to your compost system where it can breakdown and contribute to healthy soils. Additionally, your swims will be shipped to you in a custom Léa the Label swim pouch that is not only chic and practical for travel, but is equally created from ECONYL®, the same fabric used for our swimwear. We also continue to make small changes overtime to eventually eliminate plastic completely from our shipping overall.

By making innovative choices at Léa the Label, we are supporting a healthy ecosystem that benefits people, the planet, and the environment overall.