Spotlight: Our Favorite Greek Island

Recently, we ventured to the southernmost island of Greece's Cyclades in the Aegean Sea where we soaked in the exotic and laid-back vibe of our favorite Grecian destination: Milos. Although Milos is best known for the famous moonscape Sarakiniko, today we want to share with you what makes this island so special and how it creates the most perfect island getaway. With its amazing landscapes and incredible beaches, read on to fall in love with the volcanic island we consider Greece's paradise.

First, where to stay?

Built on a hill above the Sea, Milos Cove offers stunning panoramic views of the Aegean. The hotel is located off road, making it more of an exclusive getaway. The luxurious complex is located in the area of Agali Beach and offers private and spacious suites that are minimalistic, modern and stylish. The suites are also equipped with a private pool or jacuzzi, making it feel extra special as you take in the views of your surroundings. 

Another favorite boutique hotel, White Pebble Suites, is a new addition to the island. It is located on the waterfront of Pollonia, a charming seaside resort. 

Each suite has its own private terrace that is screened with organic plants local to Greece. Each terrace also provides breathtaking views of the Sea. Natural building materials of polished cement, wood, and stone mimic the timeless architecture seen throughout the island.

What to do?

It is imperative that while on Milos, you must set sail and explore the island's beaches. Due to its volcanic origin, Milos showcases a colorful landscape and has more than 40 exotic beaches to venture to. With its sea caves and rock formations, Kleftiko Beach is not to be missed, especially for snorkeling. Be sure to take up private sailing with a local expert to explore other unique beaches only accessible by sea. 

If choosing not to sail, there are many beautiful beaches also accessible by car. If exploring by car, we recommend a hidden gem, Firopotamos Beach for a dip in crystal blue waters or Firiplaka Beach, where you can rent a kayak to explore various caves located on the Sea including the secluded Tsigrado Beach. Since Milos is a small island, be sure to take a drive scheduled for sunrise or sunset to visit the famous Sarakiniko Beach. Both times of day offer an incredible sight where the colors from the sun reflect beautifully against the white volcanic stone.

Where to eat and drink?

The traditional flavors of Milos' cuisine can be fully enjoyed at the Medusa Restaurant in Mandrakia Village. It sits above brightly colored homes of local fisherman and the kitchen is run by two older Greek women. Order the swordfish, experience local cheeses and wine, and do not miss the chocolate cake for dessert.

If you fancy meat and cheese, we recommend O! Hamos! Tavern. For another traditional seafood destination, Sirocco Restaurant at Paliochori cooks volcanic fish under the sand, which is delectable.  

A must stop while on Milos is visiting Utopia Cafe in Plakka. Plan your trip to make sure you are sipping your cocktail during sunset to take in the impressive visual of the golden colors reflecting on the sea. Continue to explore Plakka, Pollonia and Adamas for drinks, flavor and small boutiques. 
Imagery by Léa the Label
Location: Milos, Greece


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