Transparency in the Midst of a Global Revolution

At Léa the Label, we believe
that individual actions can and do have direct impact on the planet.

As a brand, we value environmental stewardship because the future of Earth depends on it. While admittedly no brand can be 100% sustainable, we strive to do better by making considerate choices about the materials we use within our line as well as the timeless designs we intentionally create. We also support local communities by choosing to work with a factory that provides opportunities for workers and creators. By giving employees access to incredible benefits, healthcare and opportunities, the factory helps to empower them individually and the greater community they are a part of. 

Today, we'd like to share with you some of the innovative ways in which our choices at Léa the Label support a healthy ecosystem that benefits people, the planet and the environment overall. 

Sustainable Fabrics

Did you know that global conventional cotton production uses harmful chemicals including 16% of the world's pesticides?  Additionally, conventional cotton depends on 10,000 liters of water just to produce one single kilo!

Recently, we successfully launched our organic cotton sarongs, Le Paréo, which exude a classic style for the beach. They are featured in 3 colorways: a beautifully rich Café, a crisp natural Ivory and a deep midnight Noir. All colors are achieved using plant based dyes, to avoid volatile organic compounds, and were intentionally chosen to effortlessly pair with any swim within our collection.

Because the sarongs are made from the softest GOTS certified organic voile of cotton, Le Paréo will age softer and softer over time, making it the perfect gentle fabric to wear against your skin. 

Just as our sarongs exude sustainability,  the consciously created
Monaco Linen Collection is designed with fabrics of the earth, under the umbrella of Slow Fashion. The pieces are timeless: No matter the event or season, they will always make a perfect go-to staple from your closet to wear. 

The jackets of the suits are lined with 100% natural silk, which feels incredible on the skin. Even the interior label is OEKO Tex Certified Organic Cotton. We chose to use linen as the outer material for our suits. Because flax is a resilient crop, and can thrive in even poor soils, it uses significantly less water and energy to grow compared to other crops used to make fabric. Not only is it ethical, but the functional purpose of linen has its benefits as well. Linen will shield you from a sea breeze, but is breathable and cool enough to wear even on a hot day. 

To ensure longevity of a natural linen suit, we recommend dry cleaning only. You will see that the quality surmounts most suits found on the market as we chose to use natural materials. While they may require slight extra care, the production has less of a carbon footprint, and the Monaco Collection is made to last.

Using certified organic cotton was an important material decision for lining both the Monaco Long and Short Trouser. By using certified organic cotton for our linen suits and sarongs, we are supporting a regenerative agricultural practice where the cotton is grown without harmful chemicals, leaving the soil, air and water free from contaminants that cause harm and increase biodiversity in production. Organic cotton also relies more heavily on rainwater, therefore using far less irrigation-dependent processes for growth.

It’s estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. For our swims, we are committed to a cradle-to-cradle system that benefits the Earth by using fabric created from ocean waste plastic. The plastic, many times in the forms of salvaged fishing gear or other materials polluting our water, is then thoroughly cleaned. Once cleaned, it is regenerated into the beautiful ECONYL® material seen and felt within our high quality, long-lasting and luxurious swimwear.  

Slow Fashion

Because investing in the Earth means creating high-quality items that last into the future, our swimwear is not only timeless in design, but each piece is made to last you for seasons on end. Few are aware of the implications of fast-fashion, but clothes that go out of style and heavily rely on natural resources and petrochemicals in production, end up in a landfill and contribute to mass amounts of waste. The rise of fast fashion, due to shopper’s preferences for quantity over quality, has led to a heavy burden on the Earth and developing countries.

We believe that the inconvenient reality to solve the fast fashion crisis is to buy better, timeless styles that are designed to last, and we are committed to creating them.

Our desire, combined with our community’s requests, drives us to create a collection that embodies the slow fashion movement.

Supporting Resilient Communities

At Léa the Label, we also believe that supporting independent and local businesses supports the larger goals of sustainability. 

Our entire SS22 Capsule Resort Collection is handmade by a local atelier whose talents of bringing our designs to life is something we not only take pride in, but we love to support. We are able to connect one-on-one with our talented atelier. By supporting local communities, we can ensure that our linen suits are ethically made and that we are supporting the local economy of a family business.

Our swims and sarongs are created by a people-over-profit factory in Bali, the paradise where this brand was inspired. Choosing to work with a factory whose ethics align with our own, we can feel good about knowing all employees have access to healthcare including free medical and insurance for them and their families. They are also fairly compensated with competitive wages that help support the greater Balinese community as a durable one.

Responsible Packaging

Finally, all of our swimwear is shipped in a compostable material made from cassava starch and other renewable materials. Instead of depending on petrochemicals for production, these bags will support regenerative agriculture. Once received, we encourage you to add the bag to your compost system where it can breakdown and contribute to healthy soils. We also encourage you to recycle the box we ship your items in.

Thank you for helping us support a more resilient and eco-conscious future by continuing to encourage slow fashion. While no one individual or brand can be perfect, it is the small decisions that have great impact. Stay tuned as we have exciting news to announce as we enter into a New Year.

Does Slow Fashion & Sustainability matter to you? We want to hear what small steps you may be taking to protect this beautiful planet in the comments below.  
Imagery by Léa the Label 


  • Olivia: November 20, 2022

    hyper chouette.

  • Cristal: November 19, 2022

    Thank you for caring for the planet as a business! This really matters to me when deciding what brands I want to buy from. ❤️

  • Alinaliv : November 18, 2022

    This is so interesting! LOVE the dark brown sarong so much!

  • Sara : November 18, 2022

    Wow. Thank you for caring this much. Your swims are so beautiful but knowing that you actually care about how they are made makes them that much better!

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