Monaco Resort Collection

Volume 2 of Utopia introduces the first Capsule Resort Collection of our line.
We are pleased to present our Exquisite Monaco linen suits to perfectly accompany long drives in style along the Mediterranean.

Named after the Sovereign State along the French Riviera, the well-crafted linen suit mimics Monaco’s elegance and luxurious lifestyle magnificently. As the country is situated midway between our favorite European summer destinations of Italy, France and Spain, we have favored making Monaco a part of our travels that in turn has given a deluxe inspiration to the line.
When thinking of a capsule resort collection, we were immediately brought back to these adventures of cruising along the coast wearing linens over our swims to help offset the coastal breezes.

The design itself is inspired by effortlessly cool vintage menswear and is translated into an edgy, but chic sophistication. The classic look exudes power, intellectualness, femininity and subdued glamour.

With attention to detail, the belt and shoulder pads create structure and the peak lapels of the double breasted oversized blazer add an elegant touch of authoritative power. Whether worn over a swim or a favorite shell, the Monaco Collection is the perfect day-to-night look.

As we continue to strive to be an eco-conscious brand that considers the environment, our Monaco collection is designed with Earth in mind. Our chosen palette for the suits is ivory-white, a color that represents purity, peace found in nature, light and new beginnings.

The timeless and consciously created Monaco collection is designed from natural, biodegradable and certified organic textiles. The jackets of the suits are lined with 100% natural silk, which feels incredible on the skin. The shorts and pants are lined with a lightweight certified organic cotton that not only feels like the perfect liner, but was also chosen specifically for its low environmental impact. 

Additionally, as one of the oldest known fibers, composed of a cellulose fabric made from flax, we chose to use linen as the outer material for our suits. Because flax is a resilient crop and can thrive in even poor soils, it uses significantly less water and energy to grow compared to other crops used to make fabric. Not only is it ethical, but the functional purpose of linen has its benefits as well. Linen will shield you from a sea breeze, but is breathable and cool enough to wear even on a hot day.


 Finally, the buttons are made from recycled plant based resins and our sewn in labels are created from recycled Oeko-Tex fabric.