Spotlight on Mallorca

Mallorca, one of the Balearic Islands, is a treasured destination located off the east coast of Spain. Combining modern delights with traditional charm, the stunning landscape of mountains and hidden coves situated on golden beaches, which overlook the turquoise blue seascape, has become a favorite destination. We invite you to explore the island through our lens on specific locations we’re choosing to spotlight.

Beginning in the Capital, Palma de Mallorca’s ancient streets are filled with character. The food scene here is exciting with flavors inspired by generations past, but also culminates the new culinary tastes of the Mediterranean. A secret spot that continues to call us back happens to be a favorite amongst locals: La Sang. La Sang is an intimate wine bar that serves local charcuterie and cheeses which are simply delectable.

The open markets of Santanyi occur on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The unique artisanal products such as gourmet Manchego cheese, smoked meats, gorgeous textiles, art and ceramics offer area inspiration showcasing the talents and skills of many local makers. It’s easy to support the artists here, choosing souvenirs that tell a story of the place.

Located in the southeast corner of Mallorca, a trip along the coast, just past Santanyi,  brings us to the best beach on the island: Calo des Moro. Sheer cliffs surround the bay and the fine white sand, combined with the azure water makes this beach feel like a hidden gem.

Nearby, other favorite beaches are worth exploring. Cala Llombards, ideal for snorkeling and sunning with a good book, also offers a tropical bar to enjoy a cold drink as you take in the view. In a charming small village, Cala s’Almunia sits within a rocky bay surrounded by pine trees. A late sunset swim is a must from this destination. 

The enchanting village of
Deià is surrounded by the Tramuntana Mountains and offers a complete feeling of serenity while strolling about. The fresh seafood options within the village are unbeatable, but we found ourselves especially enjoying lunch at C'as Patró March along the waterfront with spectacular views.

Another village must-stop that is steeped in old-world charm is
Valldemossa. The streets are lined with shops, cafes and restaurants that all seem to have a yellow-glow, making it especially picturesque against the blue sky.

With so much to explore on the island, it makes sense that Mallorca is a world-class destination for sailing as well. Puerto de Cala Figuera is a charming and picturesque fishing village. Tucked between rocky cliffs, the fjord-like bay is lined with fig and pine trees. The fishermen’s houses are bright in color and many have terraces that lead to the turquoise waters where their boats are moored. Fresh fish is delivered daily to the local restaurants and the idyllic setting seems to make the Mallorcan delicacies that much more enjoyable.

Has your wanderlust taken you to Mallorca? If so, share with us your favorite parts in the comments below. 

Imagery by Léa the Label 


  • CJ

    Patiki Beach! ♥️

  • Alice

    LIVE for the nightlife in Palma! I can never get a table at cas patro march :(

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