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In recent months, we found our minds kept wandering back to our travels in Greece - the island of Kefalonia to be exact.

It was there on Myrtos beach, that we got lost in the pages of a book. Coincidentally, the setting took place within the exact scenic landscapes we were surrounded by. 

Certain elements from the book and location sparked creativity, which we decided to channel into developing our newest style and color, that we feature in our latest collection.

This summer, we reminisced about our perfect European getaway. If you recall, we took you to paradise found at Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia - where the crystal blue sea is seen from the white-pebbled shore that sits between the base of two remarkable mountains. It is impossible not to feel inspired. The hue of the electric blue ocean accentuates the deeper blue color of the sky on a clear summer day: Azure.

As we continued to look back on our travels in Greece, Azure was the color that truly stood out. The hue is used as an accent on architecture all throughout the Grecian Islands as it stands out perfectly against the white cliffs, pebbled beaches and stone walls. 

With its earthy and rich tone, we knew this color would be our newest addition.  

It was on Myrtos Beach where we were lost in the pages of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis De Bernieres.  The novel is set during the early days of World War II when Italy and Germany occupied Greece. The setting took us to the beautiful island of Kefalonia that we were on, where Pelagia, the daughter of the island’s doctor, fell madly in love with an Italian Captain, Antonio Corelli, who is residing in their house.

Pelagia, “of the sea” in Greek, would become the name of our newest swim. 

We quickly learn that Captain Corelli’s true joy is found in his mandolin.  The instrument symbolizes love throughout the novel, 
which Corelli deems crucial during the especially uncertain time. The music he strums is captivating and Pelagia is enamored.

As their countries are at war, Pelagia and Corelli form an enchanting and forbidden love affair.  We are left enraptured by their romance that overlooks predefined politics. They are falling in love.

The heart wrenching scene, when the Germans invade the Italians on Kefalonia, has us weeping when Corelli and his crew are met with a firing squad. Corelli was left critically injured.

Pelagia and her father rescue Corelli, and with very little supplies, they have to be innovative in saving his life. Pelagia proves resourceful and removes the strings of his mandolin to secure Corelli’s broken ribs back together. It is love, from the mandolin and Pelagia, that ultimately save his life.

We’ll let you discover the ending on your own, but for us, the strings of the mandolin, the same ones that symbolized love and joy in creativity, inspired our Pelagia to be a strappy swim, one that could create the perfect silhouette and be easily paired with any of our Léa bottoms.

We took our design back to Greece, the setting of our inspiration, to shoot the campaign. We hope Pelagia, with its Azure color and strappy silhouette invigorates you with the feeling of the sea. 

What do you think of our new swim? Let us know in the comments below. 

With many thanks to model, Zaina Gohou, photographer, Susan Buth, hair and makeup, Makeup by Melli on set at the beautiful location of Santorini, Greece.

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  • Cynthia: December 08, 2020

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I love these shots! Pelagia is such a pretty bathing suit and I am loving the new color too. Now I want to read this book!

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